Introduction to RCMT

RCMT – R&D partner of the industry in the field of production machines and manufacturing technologies

RCMT | Research Center of Manufacturing Technologies was founded in July 2000 with direct financial support from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Association of Engineering Technology. Since January 2012, RCMT has been part of the Department of Production Machines and Equipment, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. RCMT Strategic Agenda includes:

  • Education of young experts
  • Research and development in the field of production machines and manufacturing technology
  • Support to companies in the field of production machines and technology



Research Programme

RCMT focuses on basic and applied research in the field of manufacturing technology. Key research topics are defined and developed in cooperation with the industry. Research programme is divided into three main streams:

  • Research of design and properties of productive, reliable and precise machine tools
  • Research of automation and robotic applications in manufacturing processes
  • Research in productive manufacturing processes

Research follows the vision to enhance technological excellence, competitiveness and production of leading manufacturing technology producers and to provide support to the machine tool sector in the Czech Republic. Highlights of the RCMT research topics include digital manufacturing systems, virtual machining (digital twins of machine tool and machining process), advanced compensation of machine thermal errors, intelligent machine tool solutions for enhanced accuracy and on-machine workpiece measurements, hybrid manufacturing processes based on wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), robotic applications, cutting tool development, or solutions for machining technology optimization.


    Collaboration with Industry

    Support to production machine manufacturers and users is provided in each stage of machine tool development, production and technology application, and includes development, simulation, design, optimization, machine tool assembly, commissioning and setting, manufacturing technology development and optimization as well as diagnostics and experimental research of machine tool behaviour. These competencies are provided by RCMT professionals in three expert sections:

    • Machine Tool Development Section
    • Machine Tool Operation Section
    • Technology Section

    RCMT together with industrial partners investigates a number of projects of applied R&D announced and supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. RCMT also closely collaborates with machine users in the area of manufacturing technology and is an experienced research partner.

    International Collaboration

    In the international field, RCMT has been successfully involved in several EU projects and continuously initiates and participates in EU project proposals within the Horizon 2020 programme or different frameworks. RCMT is actively participating in the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP). RCMT has been gaining expertise through collaboration with a number of leading foreign research institutes and companies. All this contributes to RCMT being a professional and reliable partner for R&D.


    All conference participants are invited to visit laboratories at Horská.
    Lab tour starts on 10th October at 9 a.m. Registration in advance is needed.