Conference History

Importance and advantage of high speed machining (HSM) of Aluminium alloys was recognized during 1930’s by Professor Solomon. His pioneered results were rediscovered at beginning of 1990’s. Intensive development in field of cutting tools (especially sintered carbide), machining chatter prediction and avoidance, design of high revolution motorized spindles, application of linear drives and also advanced control systems enabled again to use the principles of HSM in practical applications. 1990’s brought explosion of new knowledge and application of HSC. Thus, research team leaders at Université de Metz - LPMM (France) and PTW Darmstadt (Germany) decided to start the High Speed Machining conference focused on sharing practical experience as well as scientific results in field of HSM. The basic board of organizers was extended in 2006 by Tekniker research institute (Spain). Since 2006 also the conference was organized once per one year regularly. The conference scope included wider spectra of machining aspects and also machine tool design and control. RCMT (Czech Republic) joined the board of organizers in 2008. Through the joining of NUAA (China) in 2010, the conference confirmed the worldwide dimension of this machining researcher meeting. Today, the High Speed Machining conference involves also other type of progressive manufacturing technologies, including high performance machining, laser machining and texturing and additive manufacturing technology. Also design of machine tools and related topics of virtual simulation, optimization, increasing of machine tool accuracy etc. are important part of the conference. The upcoming 15th High Speed machining Conference follows the long conference tradition, excellent scientific and application quality confirmed by CIRP sponsorship and also worldwide dimension.

Previous HSM conferences

Conference Venue Date Organizer
14th HSM Conference San Sebastian, Spain April 2018 IK4-Tekniker
13th HSM Conference Metz, France October 2016 Lem 3
12th HSM Conference Nanjing, China October 2015 AMB
11th HSM Conference Prague, Czech Republic September 2014 RCMT
10th HSM Conference Darmstadt, Germany September 2013 PTW
9th HSM Conference San Sebastian, Spain March 2012 IK4-Tekniker
8th HSM Conference Metz, France December 2010 ENSAM - ENIM - Université de Metz
7th HSM Conference Darmstadt, Germany May 2008 PTW
6th HSM Conference San Sebastian, Spain March 2007 Tekniker
5th HSM Conference Metz, France March 2006 ENSAM - ENIM - Université de Metz
4th HSM Conference Darmstadt, Germany March 2003 PTW
3rd HSM Conference Metz, France June 2001 Université de Metz – ENIM – LPMM
2nd HSM Conference Darmstadt, Germany March 1999 PTW
1st HSM Conference Metz, France June 1997 Université de Metz – LPMM - CREAS